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Chasing Trouble


Taken from IMDB: A delivery boy for a flower shop, who thinks of himself as an amateur detective, finds out that his boss is mixed up with a foreign espionage ring.

Chasing Trouble is a 1940 American comedy-drama film directed by Howard Bretherton, from Monogram Pictures.

Plot summary

File:Frankie Darro and Mantan Moreland in Chasing Trouble (1940).jpg and Mantan Moreland in Chasing Trouble (1940)}}}
Frankie Darro as Frankie “Mr. Cupid” O’Brien and Mantan Moreland as Thomas H. Jefferson are making deliveries for the local Florist Shop; and, manage to get a job for their Unemployed, Marjorie Reynolds as Susie Carey.
Little do they know that Morgan, (Alex Callam) is part of spy and saboteur ring, which is using the florist as a front for Cryptography and delivering bombs.
Using lesson two, of his correspondence course on graphology, Frankie learns the truth; but, it might be too late for intrepid investigative reporter Callahan (Milburn Stone) and the police to help them, before the bomb they’re supposed to deliver goes off, at an airplane factory.


  • Frankie Darro as Frankie 'Cupid' O'Brien
  • Marjorie Reynolds as Susie
  • Mantan Moreland as Jefferson
  • Milburn Stone as Callahan
  • Cheryl Walker as Phyllis Bentley
  • George Cleveland as Lester
  • Alex Callam as Morgan
  • Tris Coffin as Phillips
  • I. Stanford Jolley as Molotoff
  • Lillian Elliott as Mrs. O'Brien
  • Willy Castello as Kurt
  • Donald Kerr (actor) as Cassidy

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