Captain Scarlett


In the years following the fall of Napoleon, Captain Scarlett (Richard Greene) returns to France to discover that his lands have been seized by an unscrupulous nobleman. After saving Princess Maria (Leonora Amar) and being joined by a man named Pierre (Nedrick Young) who has also lost his lands, the group proceeds on a series of adventures in the fight for justice.

Captain Scarlett is a 1953 American Techinicolor swashbuckler film directed by Thomas Carr (director) that was shot in Mexico. The film is set in France following the fall of Napoleon I and stars Richard Greene playing the title role who is a Robin Hood type avenger and Brazilian actress Leonora Amar in her final screen role.


After his estate is confistcated, returning soldier Captain Scarlett rescues Princess Maria from being abducted while travelling. She's not exactly grateful. He finds out that she is to be married to a man she doesn't like, so Captain Scarlet attempts to help her but winds up in prison for his efforts. He escapes and finally helps the reluctant bride who winds up joining Captain Scarlett and his sidekick and they become something along the lines of the three musketeers.


  • Richard Greene as Capt. Carlos Scarlett
  • Leonora Amar as Princess Maria
  • Nedrick Young as Pierre DuCloux
  • Manuel Fábregas as The Duke de Corlaine
  • Eduardo Noriega (Mexican actor) as Count Villiers
  • Carlos Múzquiz as Etienne Dumas
  • Isabel del Puerto as Josephine Prenez
  • George Treviño as The Friar


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