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Bulldog Courage

1935 A miner who was swindled out of his mine by a banker turns to robbing stagecoaches. Several years after he is tracked down and killed, his son comes to town to tangle with the banker.

Bulldog Courage is a 1935 American western directed by Sam Newfield, and produced by Sigmund Neufeld for Puritan Pictures.


  • Tim McCoy as Slim Braddock / Tim Braddock
  • Joan Woodbury as Helen Brennan
  • Paul Fix as Bailey
  • Eddie Buzard as Tim as a boy
  • John Cowell (actor) as Pete Brennan
  • Karl Hackett as Williams
  • John Elliott (actor) as Judge Charley Miller
  • Edmund Cobb as Cal Jepson
  • Guy Edward Hearn as Henchman Clayton
  • Jack Rockwell as Sheriff Pendleton

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