Brand of the Devil


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Brand of the Devil is a 1944 American western directed by Harry L. Fraser for Producers Releasing Corporation. The plot concerns a female ranch owner who is losing cattle to a gang of rustlers called The Devil's Brand. She turns to the Texas Rangers for help, and they send in three Rangers undercover to bring the rustlers to justice.


  • Dave O'Brien (actor) as Tex Wyatt
  • James Newill as Jim Steel
  • Guy Wilkerson as Panhandle, alias Brand McGee
  • Ellen Hall as Molly Dawson
  • I. Stanford Jolley as Jack Varno (owner, Golden Ace)
  • Charles King (actor) as Bucko Lynn - Devil's Brand Gang
  • Reed Howes as Duke Cutter - Devil's Brand Gang
  • Budd Buster as Henry Wilburn - Molly's Foreman
  • Karl Hackett as Jeff Palin (Sheriff in credits)
  • Kermit Maynard as Gripper Joe - Devil's Brand Gang
  • Ed Cassidy (actor) as Sheriff Parker (character credited as Jeff Palin)

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