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From the IMDb: "The credits on the version of this movie which exists today are actually for the movie "Mad Doctor of Blood Island" and bear no relation to this film. This comes from when they were originally intended to be released as a double feature. "Contrary to popular belief, this film was not directed by Kenneth G. Crane, was not made in 1970, was not produced by Toei Company, and was not titled "The Double Garden". It was originally filmed in 1966 as "Body of the Prey" and it was produced and directed by Norman Thomson. Thomson was the popular pulp novelist of the Burns Bannion series, which he wrote under his pen name 'Earl Thomson'. The production was assisted by members of the United States military bases in Japan and shot on location there. During production, Al Rickett wrote about the making of this film in the 'Stars & Stripes' newspaper, as well as having a small part as a gas station owner. However, while Edward D. Wood Jr. claimed he wrote the script for this film under the title "Venus Flytrap" and placed it on his resumes, reports of the making of the film in 'Stars & Stripes' claim Thomson wrote the script. It's possible that Wood sold the script to Thomson and it was slightly re-written before production. It's undetermined if the completed film was released theatrically, in either Japan or the United States." I have taken the liberty of replacing the credits with the data listed on the IMDb, footage from the Moody Institute's "Carnivorous Plants," and a little music from "Knife of the Party." I did it with my handy-dandy NERO. Since this created a NEW work under the law, despite being a simple combination of Public Domain works, I slapped a copyright notice on the back. Hack those off and the film belongs to everyone. If you don't, expect trouble from YouTube! The original VHS release can be downloaded from Public Domain Movie Torrents, complete with incorrect credits under the "Revenge of Dr. X" title. Whether or not Ed Wood had anything to do with this steaming dogflop of a film, it's certainly worthy of his name!

Venus Flytrap (filmed 1966, released 1970) is an American horror film shot partly in Japan. The plot features a mad scientist who uses thunder and lightning to turn carnivorous plants into man-eating creatures. It is known variously as Body of the Prey, The Revenge of Doctor X (American video title), and The Revenge of Dr. X (American video box title). Although the film is based on a 1950s screenplay by Ed Wood, he remained uncredited. Confusingly, the American video release erroneously features the major credits for 1969 Philippines production The Mad Doctor of Blood Island.< name="IMDb entry"/>
The Cinema Insomnia episode featuring this film premiered on October 31, 2011.< name="Party Favors"></>

Plot summary

Dr. Bragan (James Craig (actor)) is a NASA mathematician working on a mission to outer space. The stress of the mission causes him to have a mental breakdown, so his assistant, Dr. Paul Nakamura (Yagi), suggests he takes a vacation in Japan to recuperate.
In Japan, Dr. Bragan stays at a hotel with his beautiful assistant, Dr. Hanamura (Kami), to begin experiments on a plant he brought from America. The plant is a Venus Flytrap, and the scientist crosses it with a Japanese carnivorous plant to create a creature that is almost human.


  • James Craig (actor) as Dr. Bragan
  • Tota Kondo as Customs officer
  • Lawrence O'Neill as American at airport
  • Al Ricketts as Gas station owner
  • Atsuko Rome as Noriko Hanamura (billed as Ako Kami)
  • Edward M. Shannon as Dr. Shannon
  • John Stanley as Dr. Stanley
  • James Yagi as Dr. Paul Nakamura


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