Bloody Wednesday


The movie circles around a man named Harry (Raymond Elmendorf), an auto mechanic who is going through a nasty little divorce. When Harry gets fired from his job he starts really losing his mind by walking into a church completely naked singing Halleluya. He is committed to a hospital for sometime. When he is released his brother gives him a place to stay, a secluded rundown hotel. It is here that Harry quickly starts losing his mind as he sees ghosts, his life is threatened by street toughs, his teddy bear starts talking to him, etc etc. This all leads up to the obvious disaster at the end.

Bloody Wednesday is a Thriller (genre) movie based on the events of the San Ysidro McDonald's massacre
The movie gained poor critical reception and is nowadays known as

Differences between the real massacre and the movie

The name of the killer is Harry instead of the real James Huberty and Harry uses a revolver instead of a Browning Hi-Power used by Huberty. The Uzi used in the film was Automatic rifle while Huberty's Uzi was Semi-automatic firearm.
James Huberty was taken down by a SWAT sniper, while Harry is shot down by a restaurant customer.
The real life massacre took place at a McDonald's restaurant, while the massacre in the movie took place at a cafe.
The actual massacre lasted for 77 minutes, while the massacre in the movie lasted for 5 minutes.
Five children (under age 18) were killed in the actual massacre, while no children are seen in the movie.

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Mark G. Gilhuis, Philip Yordan

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