Billy the Kid - Trapped


Here's another entry in PRC's long-running "Billy the Kid" series, again starring Buster Crabbe as Billy Carson and Al St. John as his comic sidekick Fuzzy Q. Jones. In this outing, a bandit posing as Billy manages to pin several crimes on Our Hero.

Billy the Kid Trapped is a 1942 American film directed by Sam Newfield.



  • Buster Crabbe as Billy the Kid
  • Al St. John as Fuzzy Jones
  • Malcolm 'Bud' McTaggart as Jeff Walker
  • Anne Jeffreys as Sally Crane
  • Glenn Strange as Boss Stanton
  • Walter McGrail as Judge Jack McConnell
  • Ted Adams (actor) as Sheriff John Masters
  • Jack Ingram (actor) as Henchman Red Barton
  • Milton Kibbee as Judge Clarke
  • Eddie Phillips (actor) as Stage Driver Dave Evans
  • Budd Buster as Montana / Fake Fuzzy


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