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Big News


A early talkie from Pathé, this crime drama starred relative newcomers Robert Armstrong and a very young Carole Lombard, the title credits still spelling her first name Carol. They play husband and wife, she threatening divorce unless he devotes more of his time to their marriage. In reality, Armstrong is an undercover detective busy investigating a dope ring lead by Reno (Sam Hardy), a crook with friends in high places. When Armstrong gets too close to the truth, Reno has him framed in the murder of corrupt newspaper publisher Addison (Charles Sellon).

Big News is a 1929 American film directed by Gregory La Cava and starring Robert Armstrong (actor) and Carole Lombard.


=Differences from play=


  • Robert Armstrong (actor) as Steve Banks
  • Carole Lombard as Margaret Banks
  • Louis Payne as Hensel
  • Wade Boteler as O'Neill
  • Charles Sellon as Addison
  • Sam Hardy (actor) as Reno
  • Tom Kennedy (American actor) as Ryan
  • Warner Richmond as District Attorney Phelps
  • Helen Ainsworth as Vera, Society editor
  • Gertrude Sutton as Helen
  • James Donlan as Deke
  • George "Gabby" Hayes as Reporter Hoffman
  • Vernon Steele as Reporter
  • Clarence Wilson (actor) as Coroner
  • Fred Behrle as Elevator man
  • Colin Chase as Birn
  • Robert Dudley (actor) as Telegraph editor


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