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Bells of Rosarita


Sue Farnum (Dale Evans) inherits a circus, but her dead father's partner is trying to take it away from her. Roy Rogers and Bob Nolan are filming a movie on location at the circus. They and a number of other western movie stars come to Sue's aid, putting on a show and catching the bad guys.

Bells of Rosarita is a 1945 United States film starring Roy Rogers and directed by Frank McDonald (director).


The film is a musical western. Sue Farnum (Dale Evans) gets cheated out of her inheritance by the thieving business partner (Grant Withers) of her deceased father. Rogers, with the help of others, rescues her.


  • Roy Rogers as Roy Rogers
  • Trigger (horse) as Trigger, Roy's Horse
  • George 'Gabby' Hayes as "Gabby" Whittaker
  • Dale Evans as Sue Farnum
  • Adele Mara as Patty Phillips
  • Grant Withers as William Ripley
  • Addison Richards as Slim Phillips
  • Roy Barcroft as Henchman Maxwell
  • Janet Martin as Rosarita
  • The Robert Mitchell Boy Choir as Boys choir
  • Bob Nolan as Bob Nolan, Band Leader
  • Sons of the Pioneers as Musicians
  • Wild Bill Elliott as Wild Bill Elliott
  • Allan Lane as Allan Lane
  • Don 'Red' Barry as Don Barry
  • Robert Livingston (actor) as Bob Livingston
  • Sunset Carson as Sunset Carson


  • Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Sons of the Pioneers and later reprised by cast - "Bells of Rosarita" (Written by John Elliott as Jack Elliott)
  • Robert Mitchell (organist)#Robert Mitchell Boys Choir - "Bugler's Lullaby" (Written by Robert Mitchell (organist) and Betty Best)
  • Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers - "Trail Herdin' Cowboy" (Written by Bob Nolan)
  • Adele Mara (dancing) - "Aloha"
  • Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers - "I'm Going To Build a Big Fence Around Texas" (Written by Cliff Friend, Katherine Phillips and George Olsen)
  • Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers - "When the Circus Comes To Town" (Written by Jerry Eaton and Terry Shand)
  • "Singing Down the Road" (Music by Raymond Scott, lyrics by Charles Tobias)
  • "Michael Finnegan"
  • Dale Evans - "Under a Blanket of Blue" (Written by Jerry Livingston, Marty Symes and Al Neiburg as Al J. Neiburg)

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