Arizona Stage Coach


Piracy on the Prairie till Rangebuster Guns Start Dealing Death And Destruction!

Arizona Stage Coach is a 1942 American film directed by S. Roy Luby, one of the series of western Range Busters films.

Plot summary


  • Ray Corrigan as Crash Corrigan
  • John 'Dusty' King as Dusty King
  • Max Terhune as Alibi Terhune
  • Elmer as Elmer, Alibi's dummy
  • Nell O'Day as Dorrie Willard
  • Charles King (actor) as Tim Douglas
  • Riley Hill as Ernie Willard
  • Kermit Maynard as Henchman Strike Cardigan
  • Carl Mathews as Henchman Ace
  • Slim Whitaker as Henchman Red
  • Slim Harkey as Henchman
  • Steve Clark (actor) as Jake - Stage Driver-Henchman
  • Frank Ellis (actor) as Dan - Stage Shotgun-Guard / Henchman
  • Jack Ingram (actor) as Sheriff Denver
  • Stanley Price as Tex Laughlin - Hold-Up Man
  • Forrest Taylor as Uncle Larry Meadows
  • Sam Peckinpah as Wilbur Olsen, The Write


  • John "Dusty" King - "Red River Valley" (Music by James Kerrigen)
  • John "Dusty" King - "Where The Grass Grows Greener In The Valley" (Music by Rudy Sooter)

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