Alibi Bye Bye


The story is about a husband (Bud Jamison) who tells his wife he's going hunting but actually sneaks off to fool around in Atlantic City. While the wife (Constance Bergen), says she's going to Washington D.C. but is also sneaking off the Atlantic City. Once there the husband goes to a scenic photographers (Bobby Clark & Paul McCullough) who fakes pictures to cover for straying spouses. Later the pictures are delivered to the hotel where all parties literally run into each other.

Alibi Bye Bye is a 1935 comedy film short film directed by Ben Holmes and released by RKO Radio Pictures. It is notable as the final film appearance of the comedy team of Bobby Clark (comedian) and Paul McCullough.< name=FT></>


Clark and McCullough are Flash and Blodgett, a pair of "alibi photographers" operating a studio in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The pair cater to a clientele who require fraudulent tourist photographs using fake backdrops, which can later be used as evidence that the person in the photograph was at any location in the country. One day, a married couple (Bud Jamison and Constance Bergen) turn up separately in need of alibi photographs: the man wants evidence of being on a Maine moose hunt while the woman needs photographic proof of being in Washington, D.C. The photographers, unaware that the man and woman are married, decide to play matchmaker with the pair. By coincidence, the man and woman have rooms opposite each other in the same hotel. The hotel’s manager and the staff detective become suspicious of what is transpiring when the photographers and the couple zigzag between the rooms. Eventually, the husband and wife discover the truth of their activities and leave the hotel together. The photographers, however, attempt to leave the hotel disguised as a moose, only to be chased amidst gunfire from the hotel manager.</>

Paul McCullough's death

Following the completion of Alibi Bye Bye, Clark and McCullough returned to the stage for national tour of the revue Thumbs Up! The team was expected to return to Hollywood, but McCullough was in poor health.
Clark continued as a solo performer following his partner’s death, concentrating almost exclusively on the stage. He only made one film without McCullough, the 1938 extravaganza The Goldwyn Follies.< name=LM />

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