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Affairs of Cappy Ricks


Cappy Ricks returns home after a long sea voyage and finds his daughter is about to marry an idiotic whelp whose mother has taken over his home and business.

Affairs of Cappy Ricks is a 1937 American film directed by Ralph Staub.


Cappy Ricks (Walter Brennan) has returned home from a long voyage at sea only to find that his family and business are not as he left them. His daughter Frankie (Mary Brian) is engaged to a dimwit that he isn't fond of. His future mother-in-law has plans for his business and for his prized ship. Cappy Ricks knows he has to end the chaos and set things straight. Now all he needs is a plan.


  • Walter Brennan as Cappy Ricks
  • Mary Brian as Frances 'Frankie' Ricks
  • Lyle Talbot as Bill Peck
  • Frank Shields as Waldo P. Bottomly Jr.
  • Frank Melton (actor) as Matt Peasely
  • Georgia Caine as Mrs. Amanda Peasely
  • Phyllis Barry as Ellen Ricks Peasely
  • William B. Davidson as Waldo P. Bottomly Sr.
  • Frank Shannon as Captain Braddock
  • Howard Brooks as Revere the Butler


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