Season 1 Episode 15 December 31 1963. Due to copyright concerns, the opening credits music has been replaced with a public domain recording of a traditional folk tune. imdb page

1915 silent film directed by Cecil B Demille starring Fannie Ward. This film was selected for preservation in America's "National Film Registry".

A desperate socialite turns to a Burnese Ivory trader after she is almost found out for embezzling funds from her charity.

Cecil B Demille's 1915 film of Prosper Merimee's 1845 novella (which was the basis of Bizet's famous opera.)

Carmen, a gypsy woman, seduced lawyer Don Jose in an attempt to assist her clan's smuggling trade. Don Jose is obsessed with Carmen and turns to crime to maintain her attentions.

Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen talks about the places where Abraham Lincoln lived during his formative years.

A short documentary about Abraham Lincoln's years in Springfield, IL. Produced by the National Parks Administration

Silent shorts for the Short Track competition 2013 at the OZU film festival. AMBROSE'S LOFTY PERCH (1915, Keystone Film Co, Dir: Walter Wright) Starring: Mack Swain King Ambrose has chosen a Queen from the women of his court. But once they are married the King has competion for his Queen's affections from her former boyfriend, Robin. BY THE SUN'S RAYS (1914, Universal Film Manufacturing Co, Dir: Charles Giblyn) Starring: Lon Chaney, Murdoch MacQuarrie, Agnes Vernon In this early western, an employee of a mine suspects that recent gold shipment robberies are an inside job.

Documentary featurette

In this crime thriller, Chaney plays a colonial police officer who infiltrates a criminal gang in order to find stolen jewels.

Featurette featuring a short conversation between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor and footage from the Royal Gall opening for the film.

A better copy of the landmark Australian silent film also found here: The added royalty-free musical score is by Kevin MacLeod and is Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. If you reuse the film with the score please attribute using "Music: Kevin MacLeod" also please consider a small donation to Kevin MacLeod at his website -


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