Yate presents the new nightmare: The Watching Machine NEW NEWS PULLED FROM THE CUBE, an exploration in formation This new media work from YATE utilizes cg animations, original video, found media and original sonic compositions to explore techniques of mental reconditioning. Follow the line that forms the fate of hypnotic thoughts before they dissipate. Yours too will be had before too long, overlooked, and then gone. Take part in the easy mark youÂre made to be. Remember to forgetÂor was it Âforget to rememberÂ? Either way, youÂre sure to say: Âmore, more, more! Be there and be square.

This is the first music video by the Berkeley CA. based band KUBICAL XPHERE. The video is made up of various public domain clips from Prelinger Archives and other sources. Many popular archive clips are cleverly woven into the nearly 7 minute song "Eve of Destruction" by KUBICAL XPHERE. Featuring Ed Nelson as "Ed" in the role that made him famous.

Just an impromptu movie I made from footage of several of the movies now availible!

Shake Hands with Laughter : Practical Jokes is a mashup of Shake Hands with Danger, found in the Prelinger Archives. Watch as the crew play practical jokes on each other, all in good fun. I tried to do a Johnny Cash-esque voice over, but it sounded horrible, so you will have to just read the subtitles using your best Cash impression...

Graham Dean Satterthwaite Keyboards / Composition / Sound WEBSITE http://WWW.GDSMUSIC.COM YOUTUBE MYSPACE SALES LIFE Music By Graham Dean Satterthwaite.....Electric Guitar__Alex Dudley....Narration__Tom Horricks.......Recorded at BKPMusic_Dubai.....Video Mashups By Javi Alvarez,Earth Monkey Product

This public domain movie is made using the public domain footage from The music and edit by Peter Semiletov.

Bring back those special moments of yesteryear with this collection of drive-in movie snack bar ads.

HongKongGeorge at his very best,

This a short I made by editing together two films I found at the Prelinger Archives, "Three Little Kittens" (1938) and "Atom Bomb [Joe Bonica's Movie of the Month]" (ca 1946)

A commercial advocating drug use by mocking old anti-drug PSAs


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