Season 1 Episode 15 December 31 1963. Due to copyright concerns, the opening credits music has been replaced with a public domain recording of a traditional folk tune. imdb page

2010 science fiction / horror feature film. Plot: Unemployed writer, Paul Mantel, has been chosen by Sheila, an agent of "the hive" to provide food to a hungry colony of space aliens hiding in a remote Oregon forest -- aliens that have an appetite for human flesh! This film made its premier at the 2010 Big Bear Horror Film Festival in Big Bear California.

This is a sharper and cleaner print with a smaller download file than the existing IA copy. A cute and quirky romantic comedy with a large supporting cast that makes it come alive and provides most of the fun. Directed by William Castle. Released in 1948. a.k.a. "Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven". Complete print CAST NOTE: Audie Murphy's brief walk-on was his first feature film appearance

A feature-length documentary on the experiences and operations of the 351st Bombardment Group of the USAAF's 8th Air Force based in England, Presented and narrated by Clark Gable. Director unknown. Released in 1943. Complete print. CAST NOTE: Clark Gable flew five combat missions over Europe as a B-17 waist gunner.

This is an improved, widecreen version of Antonio Margheriti's "Battle of the Worlds" ("Il pianeta degli uomini spenti") starring Claude Rains. 

1972 directed by Fielder Cook starring Kenneth Haigh, Billie Whitelaw, Ralph Richardson, Michael Williams, Ferdy Manye, Georgina Hale, Moses Gunn and John Gielgud. Screenplay by blacklisted writer Millard Lampell. A treatment of the story of Napolean's exile to the island of St. Helen, along with a former mistress and her husband, a devoted general, a doctor attendant and the daughter of his ex-mistress. Engaging drama features excellent performances, especially Haigh as Napolean and Gielgud as the seedy Lord Sissal.

1944 directed by Sergei Eisenstein starring Nikolai Cherkasov as Ivan IV, Lyudmila Tselikovskaya as Czarina Anastasia, Serafima Bermin as Boyarina Efrosinia Staritskaya, Mikhail Nasvanov as Prince Kurbsky and Mikhail Kusnetsov as Fyodor Basmanov.  Upon his coronation as Czar  IV, Ivan declares his intention of uniting a fragmented Russian under one rule, which puts him at odds with the seedy Boyars, and demon treachery lurks behind every shadow.

Holiday 1930 Ann Harding, Mary Astor, Edward Everett Horton, Robert Ames, Hedda Hopper

Moulin Rouge 1929 Olga Tschechowa, Eve Gray, Jean Bradin, Georges Tréville

Inside The Lines 1930 Betty Compson, Ralph Forbes, Montagu Love, Reginald Sharland


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