Stop motion of actionman and chewie singing whilst two smiley faced dewwbs play one hand of pokero smily faces play poker

April Maze 1930 - Felix takes his nephews, Inky and Dinky on a picnic that is complicated by rain, and a food swiping rabbit and bear.

When Molly Moo Cow gets stranded on Robinson Crusoe's island, Crusoe doesn't want her there, then Crusoe gets caught by scat-singing natives and Molly comes to the rescue.

Private Snafu learns the hard way about the need for military dicipline and procedures to maintain an effective army.

a Gumby cartoon

You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

Several Superman episodes from the WWII era

The Booze Hangs High released in 1930, is the fourth title in the Looney Tunes series and features Bosko, Warner Bros.' first cartoon character. When this cartoon aired on Nickelodeon, the part where the father pig regurgitates a corncob, flicks off the one kernel that remains on it, and puts it back into his stomach through a trapdoor was cut. This cartoon references Plane Crazy (a Mickey Mouse cartoon) and Song of the Flame (a musical operetta film). The latter features a song titled The Goose Hangs High from which this short gets its name. -From Wikipedia

This is a series of 7 images, morphed together using Adobe After Effects. It was made for a client who chose a different one. I've had enough people 'borrow' it that it seems appropriate to upload it here and make it officially public domain. You're welcome to do anything you want with this one. there is another version of this small thats small enough to use as an avatar: Rate this file if you download it please. The version of After Effects in CS5 doesn't do gifs.

A late Popeye cartoon, available at Public Domain Movie Torrents.


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