1961 directed by Paul Almond starring Sean Connery as Macbeth, Zoe Caldwell as Lady Macbeth, William Needles as Banquo, Ted Follows as Macduff, Robin Gammell as Malcolm, Sharon Acker as Lady Macduff, Bernard Behrens as Lennox, Raymond Bellew as Donalbain, Eric Christmas as Porter, Gillie Fenwick as Angus and Rex Hagon as Fleance. Produced for television.

1949 directed by Robert Stevens. Adaptation for television of Edgar Allen Poe's A Cask of Amontillado, set in post World-War Two Italy and starring Romney Brent as Montressor and Bela Lugosi as the doomed Fortunato.

Poor Fortunato...he should have used Auto-Light.

1954 directed by Byron Haskin starring Robert Newton as Long John and Kit Taylor as Jim Hawkins, with Connie Gilchrist, Lloyd Berrell, Grant Taylor, Rod Taylor and Harvey Adams. When Long John discovers that rival pirate Mendoza has captured a ship that has Jim Hawkins on it, he devises a plan to rescue him. And of course, to also get some treasure. Nice Technicolor picture with plenty of “aarghs.”


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