Silent Lon Chaney feature

1920 crime film directed by Tod Browning.

A charming movie and one of the first soundies with great Lillian Gish See details here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0024122/ I've used http://www.archive.org/details/his_double_life as a source and did the following: - trimmed it of 1/2 hour of the dead air in the end thus making the original 3Gb file smaller - compressed it using DivX codec thus making it even more small - normalized the sound (which originally was too low for some reason) - created and added Russian subtitles a

Nach einem Hinweis von einem seltsamen Mann begeben sich der hartgesottene Berichterstatter Jeff Carter und die beherzte Fotografin Billie Mason auf die Suche nach dem unter rätselhaften Umständen verschwundenen Drüsenfacharzt Dr. James Brewster. In der Zwischenzeit versetzt ein mörderischer Affenmann die Stadt in Angst und Schrecken … 1942 in nur 19 Tagen fertig gestellt, war „The Ape Man“ („Der Affenmann“) der sechste von insgesamt neun Monogram-Filmen mit Bela Lugosi.

Tex Malinson (Tex Ritter) becomes a county tax collector. PD - Copyright Not Renewed

1915 silent film directed by Cecil B Demille starring Fannie Ward. This film was selected for preservation in America's "National Film Registry".

A desperate socialite turns to a Burnese Ivory trader after she is almost found out for embezzling funds from her charity.

ACE Pictures presents Jackie Cooper in Peck's Bad Boy based on the famous story of the same title by George W. Peck. Shot in Black and White; directed by Edward F. Cline and recorded by RCA Victor System.

Dr. James Brewster (Bela Lugosi) and his colleague Dr. Randall (Henry Hall) are involved in a series of scientific experiments which have caused him to transform into an ape-man. In an attempt to obtain a cure Brewster believes that it will be necessary to inject himself with recently drawn human spinal fluid. When Randall refuses to help him by providing the fluid, Brewster and his captive gorilla must attempt to find an appropriate donor. - Wikipedia 720p version.

Several copies of Steve Sekely's classic noir tale of the ultimate in identity theft are already in the Archive, but I believe this one is sharper, with better contrast, than the others.


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