erich von stroheim, "foolish wives" (1921) [title charts in italian]

Roy Rogers is a Confederate officer in Missouri. Derived from the mpeg2 file found here.

RAGGEDY ROSE Hal Roach-Pathe 3 reels, rel. Nov. 7, 1926 dir. Richard Wallace in collaboration with Stan Laurel, Photography by Floyd Jackman and Jack Roach, Edited by Richard Currier, Titles by H. M. Walker cast: Mabel Normand, Carl Miller, Max Davidson, James Finlayson, Anita Garvin, Laura Lavarnie Location: Roach studio, Los Angeles copyright: Oct. 26, 1926

A tough slum girl, Annabelle 'Little Annie' Rooney (Mary Pickford), faces a crisis of the heart when the boy she loves (William Haines) is accused of shooting her cop father (Walter James). Her brother (Gordon Griffith) stalks the accused slayer and finally shoots him down in the street. Annabelle rushes to the hospital and offers her blood for a life-saving transfusion, even though she thinks she'll die.

Susan Cabot stars as Janice Starlin, the owner a large cosmetics company. Worried about her failing looks, Janice allows herself to be injected with an experimental serum, that may turn back her biological clock. The serum works, but has some nasty side effects. You can find out more about The Wasp Woman at A Passion For Horror.

A 1913 drama about marriage and infidelity directed by D W Griffith.

Released in 1960 and Also known as City of the Dead, Horror Hotel is a true classic. Modern-day films rely on modern-day special effects. Back in the day of B/W special effects were in their infancy and a good horror needed to rely on atmosphere. Horor hotel has atmosphere and I rate that over effects any day. Most of the story takes place in a strange village, with even stranger locals.

This is a surreal little movie by Billy Wilder's much-less talented older brother, W. Lee Wilder. It was originally released in a 1:85 aspect ratio. This is an attempt to recreate the original aspect ratio using the best public domain print I could find. The 16mm print seemed to be already slightly cropped and a true 1:85 ratio looked too cramped. This version has been blown-up and cropped at about 1:75, not the correct ratio, but much closer to the intended composition.

Tumbleweeds is a 1925 American Western film starring and produced by William S. Hart. It depicts the Cherokee Strip land rush of 1893. The film is said to have influenced the Oscar-winning 1931 Western Cimarron, which also depicts the land rush. In the Cherokee Strip of Oklahoma during the 1880's and early 1890's, the government lands that were leased to cattlemen were opened to settlement by homesteaders. To allow a fair chance for everyone, the prospective homesteaders were required to register and registrants were prohibited from entering into the Strip before the appointed time.

Plot has Bessie Eyton returning to Texas after two years away at school to join her ranch owner father Col. Ryan (George Fawcett) who nicknames her âTexasâ Ryan. The hard-riding gal becomes the idol of the ranch hands, especially Single-Shot Jack Parker (Tom Mix). At this juncture, itâs apparent Tomâs films, be it shorts or features, included strong comedy elements as well as he-man action. Here, a drunken Tom nearly burns down the town fooling around with fireworks on the 4th of July.


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