Public Domain Movies - Feature Films

Postmark for Danger

mysteries, suspense dramas, Terry Moore, Robert Beatty, William Sylvester, Geoffrey Keen

A British mystery/suspense drama which costars Terry Moore. NOTE: This film is in the public domain. The copyright notice at the end refers to content not included here. Directed by Guy Green. UK release 1955. US release 1956. a.k.a. "Portrait of Alison" Complete print (US version)



Starman returns in Atomic Rulers

Arizona Days (1937)

Tex Ritter, Syd Saylor, William Faversham, Eleanor Stewart, Forrest Taylor, Mystic Nights Videos

Tex Malinson (Tex Ritter) becomes a county tax collector. PD - Copyright Not Renewed

Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky, sergei eisenstein, eisenstein, Russian Films, soviet-era

1938 directed by Sergei Eisenstein.  Soviet-era films depicts Russian prince Alexander Nevsky who led the Russians against an invasion by Teutonic Knights.  This is the public domain version that was first released on video-tape, with the original, poorly recorded soundtrack of Prokofiev's music and subtitles with stilted language.

Public Stenographer

Lola Lane, William Collier Jr., Esther Muir, Jason Robards Sr., Duncan Renaldo

Ann, a public stenographer at the large downtown hotel, and she is in the middle of a large swindle. Jimmy, the rich kid who is chasing her, may be involved in the swindle as well.

Shocker Internet Drive In - Week 45: "Slice and Dice" Double Feature

horror, psycho, killer, slasher, sci fi, drive in

Hello and welcome back to a cold and snowy Shocker Internet Drive In. We realize that most drive in are closed this time of year, but we are happy to present two psycho slashers to get your blood flowing and hearts pumping.

"The Ape Man" Originalton mit deutschen Untertiteln

Affenmann, Science-Fiction, Horror, Bela Lugosi, Lumbalflüssigkeit, Tierversuche, Mensch-Tier-Gespann, Gorillakostüm

Nach einem Hinweis von einem seltsamen Mann begeben sich der hartgesottene Berichterstatter Jeff Carter und die beherzte Fotografin Billie Mason auf die Suche nach dem unter rätselhaften Umständen verschwundenen Drüsenfacharzt Dr. James Brewster. In der Zwischenzeit versetzt ein mörderischer Affenmann die Stadt in Angst und Schrecken … 1942 in nur 19 Tagen fertig gestellt, war „The Ape Man“ („Der Affenmann“) der sechste von insgesamt neun Monogram-Filmen mit Bela Lugosi.

Go For Broke

war, WWII

An army Leutenant must learn to rectify his racist attitude towards the Japanese while leading his predominantly Japanese-American troop during WW2. Starring Van Johnson.