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The Ape (1940)

the ape 1940, boris karloff movie, spinal fluid, ape suit

Boris Karloff stars Dr Bernard Adrian, who dons an ape skin and begins murdering people so that he can steal their spinal fluids. You can find out more about The Ape at A Passion for Horror.

Femmine Folli (Foolish Wives, 1921)

erich von stroheim, "foolish wives" (1921) [title charts in italian]

Bucket Of Blood 720p 1959

A frustrated and talentless artist finds acclaim for a plaster covered dead cat that is mistaken as a skillful statute. Soon the desire for more praise leads to an increasingly deadly series of works. -IMDB

The Arizona Kid

Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes

Roy Rogers is a Confederate officer in Missouri. Derived from the mpeg2 file found here.

City Without Men (1943)

Linda Darnell, Edgar Buchanan, Michael Duane, Sara Allgood, Glenda Farrell, Leslie Brooks, Doris Dudley, Margaret Hamilton, Constance Worth, Rosemary DeCamp, Sheldon Leonard, Stanley Blystone, Lloyd Bridges, Mystic Nights Videos

City Without Men (1943) PD - Copyright not renewed

The failure of the original copyright holder to renew the film's copyright resulted in it falling into public domain, meaning that virtually anyone could duplicate and sell a VHS/DVD copy of the film. Therefore, many of the versions of this film available on the market are either severely (and usually badly) edited and/or of extremely poor quality, having been duped from second- or third-generation (or more) copies of the film.


Silent, Comedy, short

Hank Mann plays a laborer at the junkyard in this turbulent silent comedy short

His Picture in the Papers

Comedy, Fame

From IMDb: A young man can only get the woman he loves if he becomes famous, and manages to get his picture in the newspapers. He determines to let nothing stand in the way of his doing exactly that, and in the process winds up getting involved with a gang of criminals and a locomotive chase. Stars: Douglas Fairbanks, Clarence Handyside, Rene Boucicault, Jean Temple, Charles Butler, Loretta Blake, Homer Hunt, and Helena Rupport

Brain That Wouldn't Die Upgrade

horror, sci-fi, transplantation, Jan in the Pan, Mad Scientist, low-budget

Yet another version of this sci-fi/horror "classic." After being decapitated in a car crash, "Jan in the Pan" needs a new body, and deranged surgeon/fiancee Herb Evers begins stalking strippers with the hope of performing a full-body transplant and eventually getting the best of both worlds. Naturally, things do not go quite as planned.

I believe this is a clearer/sharper transfer of "Brain" than many (most?) of the others available in the Archive. Run time is 82 minutes, so all of the shocking gore (dismemberment, neck chewing) is intact.


Lloyd, Silents

A rather inconsequential Harold Lloyd short from 1917