Public Domain Movies - Cartoons

The Lion Tamer

Racism, Animation

An Amos and Andy. I assume that archive viewers are able to get past the obnoxious racial stereotypes and appreciate this for what it is. a not untypical cartoon of the period. Official films were sold all over the country in short 8mm or 16mm versions,

Popeye the Sailor - Ancient Fistory

popeye the sailor ancient fistory cartoon cartoons

Popeye the sailor Ancient Fistory public domain, better quality/richer color than this one: cartoon came on a dvd of the Sonny Chiba film "The Street Fighter" and "Return of the Street Fighter" double feature issued by PC Treasures, Inc.

Have You Got Any Castles?

merrie melodies, Warner Brothers

A night in a small library. The characters of famous books come to life, referring to movie versions of these books.

Betty Boop: Judge For a Day

Betty Boop, Fleischer Studios

Betty is the cleaner a the local courthouse. On the bus ride to work one day, she grows tired of all the liberties her fellow citizens take. She falls asleep and dreams about what she'd do if she were the judge. Among her decrees: a thoughtless smoker learns about second-hand smoke the hard way, and an obnoxious celebrity impersonator is rewarded by having his ears blasted with imitations of Tarzan and the Shadow. (

Piano Tooners

Tom and Jerry, Animation

You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

Betty Boop: Training Pigeons

Betty Boop, Fleischer Studios

Betty and Pudgy are on the roof of their tenement building, trying to get her pet pigeons back in their cage. One stubborn bird refuses to return to the roost, despite Betty's please. Pudgy, imagining himself a might hunting dog, attempts to catch the bird, with little success. When the pigeon gives Pudgy the slip, the little dog eventually wanders into the forest, where he falls asleep from exhaustion. The pigeon takes pity on Pudgy, and flies him back to Betty's home. When Pudgy wakes up on the roof, he tears up the picture of the hunting dog in frustration.

Insect to Injury

popeye, Animation

You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

Betty Boop and Little Jimmy

Fleischer Studios, Betty Boop

From The Public Domain Movie Database: Betty Boops efforts to stay in shape backfire when she becomes entangled in the exercise equipment. Jimmy seeks help for Betty, but becomes easily confused. In the meantime, Betty is becoming skinnier by the minute!

Betty Boop: A Language All My Own

Betty Boop, Fleischer Studios

Betty flies to Japan to do a show, and sings the title number. She then dons a kimono, and sings it again in Japanese. (